Supplementary Documents AQAR 2020-21

Supplementary Documents-AQAR-2020-21

  Extended Profile  2.2






  Curriculum Aspects  1.1.3 View
   1.2.1 B.A. I Hindi


B.A. II  Hindi

B.A. III Hindi




B.Sc.I Botany

B.Sc.II Botany

B.Sc.III Botany

B.Sc.II Electronics

B.Sc.III Electronics

B.Sc. I Electronics

B.Sc. I Chemistry

B.Sc. II Chemistry

B.Sc. III Chemistry

B.Sc. I Computer Science

B.Sc. II Computer Science

B.Sc. III Computer Science

B.A. II Economics

B.A. III Economics

B.A. I Economics

B.A.I English

B.A. III English 

B.A. II English

B.A. II History

B.A. III History

B.A. I History

M.Sc. II Chemistry

M.Sc. I Chemistry

B.A. I Marathi

B.A. III Marathi 

B.A. II Marathi

B.Sc. III Mathematics

B.Sc. I Mathematics

B.Sc. II Mathematics

MSc. II Physics

M.Sc.I Physics 

B.A. I Physical Education

B.A. III Physical Education

B.A.II Physical Education

B.Sc. I Physics

B.Sc. II. Physics

B.Sc. III Physics

B.A. I Political Science

B. A. II Political Science

B.A. III Political Science

B. A. I Public Administration

B.A.II Public Administration

B.A. III Public administration

B.Sc. I Zoology

B.Sc. II Zoology

B.Sc. III Zoology

   1.3.1 1.3.1 – Cross Cuttings Issues











1.3.3 Intership Certificates


1.3.3 Project Certificates M.Sc. Chemistry

1.3.3 Project Certificates M.Sc. Physics

1.3.3 project Certificates of M.Com.-merged

1.3.3 Project work B. Com.

1.3.2 Minutes of BOS for Project work






 Teaching- Learning and Evaluation  2.3.1 2.3.1 Student centric Methods
   2.6.2 2.6.2 Attainment of Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes
Research, Innovation and Extension for Reserch Supervisor Registered Students For Ph.D.-merged of Publications for Books collaboration
   3.2.1 Chemistry research centre affiliation


Physics Research centre affiliation

Research policy

 4.2.2 Annual Expenditure for purchase of Book


4.1.4,1 Infrastructure Expediture

4.2.2subscription for e-resources

   5.1.1 5.1.1 Students benefited by scholarship-1


5.1.1-Students benefited by JRF


5.2.2Out going student progression 


5.2.1Out going students placed






 7.1.9 provided for women


7.1.1Gender sensitization plan

7.1.9Sensitization of students and employees of the institution to the constitutional obligations

   6.1 6.1 Perspective plan
   6.1.2 Internal college Committee
   6.2.1 6.2.1Perspective plan


6.21.Deployment Doccuments on plan

   6.2.3 6.2.3Screen Shots of e- Governance
   6.3.1 6.3.1CCS- Audit Report


6.3.1DCPS Slip

6.3.1GPF Slip

6.3.1 Biometric Attendance FDP- Certificates
   6.4.1 AG- Nagpur


Audit Report

   6.4.3 NSS Audit Report-2020-21
   6.5.3 AISHE-certificate


NAAC Cycle-2

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