i) Kangulawar Krishna Adelu awarded best cadet and best drill award in the ATC camp conducted at Nanded    between 7th July to 8th Augast 2010.

ii) Six cadets were selected for disaster management camp at Mumbai.

iii) Nayanwad Abhijeet was selected for GSC/TSC camp at Aurangabad.

iv) Gond Manikprabhu Shivajirao got best Sr. Under Officer Medal.

v) Gurjalwar Sudarshan Mogalaji got best Jr. Under Officer Medal.

vi) 17 cadets participated in interbatalian training at Latur from 5.2.2011 to 14.2.2011 and Shaikh Ibrahim got     special prize in running.



i) Bodgamwar Kartik and Sunil Kamble selected for TSC group selection camp at Aurangabad and Kordewar    Yogesh got special prize in firing.

ii) Kordewar Yogesh, Bomalwad, Moinwad, Bodgmawar were selected for ATC at Ahmednagar.

iii) Gurjalwar Sudarshan got Silver medal in 1500 meter running and Bronze in 800 mtrs.



i) 20 cadets participated in NCC/ATC camp at Visnupuri Nanded and Madamwar Rahul, Ramdhage Gangadhar    got gold medals in Football.

ii)  15 Cadets participated in Voting awareness, Voter registration program organized by Tahsildar, Dharmabad on      10.10.2012.

iii) 16 cadets participated in Chatra Police Mitra program.



i) Dangat Krishna Prakash awarded Best Sr. Under Officer and Best Guardof Honour Prize.

ii) Pullawar Shivkumar Shankar awarded best Jr. Under officer and Bestcadet award.

iii) Gullewar Dattatraya Laxman got first prize in cross country, Ibitwar Sandesh third in cross country, Bidge Balaji      third in firing and Misale Vikas Sudhakar awarded best Guard of Honor prize.

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