Supplementary Information For AQAR-2021-22

Supplementary Information For AQAR-2021-22


 SR.NO                             Particular                        Extended   Profile  View/Download
   1  Number of seats earmarked for   reserved  category as per GOI/ State Govt. rule                                   2.2        Download
   2    Number of sanctioned post                                  3.2



      Curriculum     Aspects    
   3   CIE-Time Table -2021-2022      1.1.2      Download
   4   Internal Mark list of Students      1.1.2     Download
   5   Teachers of Institution Participates      1.1.3     Download
   6    Minutes of relevant Academic Council/ BOS    Meetings       1.2.1    B.A. First Year


  B.A. Second Year

   B.A. Third Year

   B.Com (1)

   B.Com (2)

  B.Com (3)

  B.Sc. First Year

  B.Sc. II Year

  B.Sc. Third Year

  M.Sc. I Chemistry

  M.Sc. Chemistry II

   Msc Physics I yr

  MSc Physics II yr

   7   Project Work M.Sc., M. Com., B. Com.    1.3.2 and 1.3.3    Download
    Teaching Learning & Evaluation  
   8   Internal  Examination Grievances 2.5.2 Download

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